Wirkn is a SaaS platform for recruiting. This includes Android and iOS applications, which candidates use to record short videos. Employers view submissions using a web application. Wirkn wanted to promote their software to candidates and businesses by using marketing design. During this three-month contract from 2015–2016, I made videos and graphics for Wirkn. Below is a selection of work from this time.

App Store Video

As a video-based software company, Wirkn was eager to promote its iPhone application using a video that would be posted on the App Store listing. I independently produced the video, including the concept, writing, recording, motion graphics, and editing.

App Store Screenshots

I distilled the value propositions for the iPhone application and presented them in a series of graphics for the App Store.


Help videos

Wirkn wanted videos to show employers their easy-to-use web application. These videos were intended for employers currently using Wirkn's software, but also as marketing material aimed at prospective employers. I made videos showing employers how to use the web application, including how to post a job, and how to view job applications.

Client greeting cards

Wirkn wanted to send email greeting cards to employers who were using the platform. Cards were designed in English and French.