I joined Tuned in 2014. At the time, it was a boutique PR firm offering traditional services like press releases. Tuned wanted to expand its design and technical capabilities, and I was brought in to help do that. During my time with Tuned, the firm started to offer a wider range of services to clients, including brand design, content production, and web development. However, Tuned needed a modern refresh to showcase its capabilities. I worked on this project over the span of a month, while also working for clients. 


When I began on the project, the "Tuned" brand was already based on a music theme. The current logo resembled a tuning fork, and the tagline was, "ideas perfectly pitched." No one at the firm had an issue with the music theme; the issue was that the firm's website, content, and collateral was dated. There was a large painting of Toronto's Graffiti Alley hanging in the boardroom, which depicted "Tuned" written in spray paint. The firm's owner had commissioned an artist to create the painting when he opened the Tuned office a few years prior, and he loved the piece. With that painting, I saw an opportunity. Grafitti would be the visual basis for the brand, and music, specifically hip hop, would be the conceptual basis. This became the foundation for deliverables.


Tuned wanted to highlight its competitive advantages including its digital capabilities as a full-service agency, and personalized service as a boutique firm. I was asked to show prospective clients that Tuned was different. I quickly built a responsive site using WordPress, which featured a new, modern Tuned brand. I collaborated with a colleague who did much of the writing, and I incorporated ongoing feedback from the firm based on iterations of the website.

Tuned - Website screenshots


I was on a tight timeline for the website; the main focus of my job was producing work for clients, not for the agency itself, but the rebrand needed to be done. I wanted to create content that would deliver as much visual impact as possible in minimal time. Over the course of an afternoon, team members met me in Grafitti Alley for their photo sessions.

Tuned - Team photo 1
Tuned - Team photo 2
Tuned - Team photo 3
Tuned - Team photo 4


With the launch of the website, Tuned felt like a modern, digital-first brand. However, we still wanted to have some physical collateral. I designed business cards for colleagues to use that reflected the new Tuned.

Tuned - Business cards